naucz się angielskiego samodzielnie

Learn English Book For Studying A Foreign Language

How to learn English on your own

Jak nauczyć się języka angielskiego samodzielnie

Artykuł w języku angielskim


  1. Find some useful videos on YouTube

There are plenty of educational videos on the YouTube that can teach you the basic (and even advanced grammatical basics) of a language. On a creative and often fun way, in these videos, you will be able to see many grammatical ambiguities explained very simply. You do not need to be an expert to understand the basic rules, and you can learn them easily.

  1. Listen to the music

It has been scientifically proven that people learn more easily with music. Rhythm and harmony certainly contribute to a better memory. It is interesting that the rhythm can also motivate a person to learn. You must have happened to you that you liked a song from a spoken area that you do not know best. (Global example is – Gangnam Style song). However, not understanding the lyrics of the song does not mean that you can’t learn and understand its meaning. By learning the text and understanding its meaning, it is successfully learned the language of the song.

  1. Watching the movies

Similar to songs, you will surely be interested in the meaning of the speech that is in the movie.  Looking at the action, our brain subconsciously processes additional information, for example, links what the actor pronounces in a language that we do not know with the subtitles on our own language. In this way, the brain subconsciously adopts terms from a foreign language.

  1. Find an native English idol

We are sure that you admire at least one of the persons whose native language is English or who is using it successfully. Try to listen to that person as much as possible. Find more interviews with him or read their interviews in English in magazines. You will want to learn, and you will not feel that it is some kind of obligation, exact opposite – you will enjoy the process of learning.

  1. Social networks

The social networks are a great source of various information. You can find some pages with a lot of easy content written in English that is quite simple and easy. That can be some quotes or even recipes, something that is simple but fun. It is easy to upgrade any knowledge if you learn its basics.

  1. Talk with yourself

It sounds silly, but it’s really useful. Try to use everything you learn every day. The old Latins were saying that repetition is the mother of the learning, and they were right. The more you repeat, and speak out loud, the deeper impression is in your consciousness. During the conversation, you increasingly adopt concepts that were once unknown to you. By increasing use, your brain recognizes them as familiar and they become part of your speech apparatus. It is easy to build vocabulary later on these basics.

  1. Use your friends

Since English is a global language and that it is the world’s number one language, we all have several people in an environment that are familiar with this language. Talk over Skype or chat with your friends in English. In this way, while conducting a quality time with your beloved friends, you also learn through this process, and your friends are your free online teachers.

  1. TV Programs without translation

Find on a cable television program that is not translated into your language. On this program, you will surely find some show that will interest you. If you understand several basic principles, you will be able to easily connect other unknowns to a meaningful whole. Initially, it will be difficult, but it will be easier any longer. This way you will master the basics and enrich your vocabulary.

  1. Sites which will help you to pronounce the words exactly

With some googling, you can find several sites on which you can learn how to pronounce words correctly. Often, you will find the additional explanations, differences between different climates and so on can be found on the sites of this type. This way you will have a better insight into the whole of the English speaking area.

  1. Online course

Of course, the best way to learn English from home is by the online learning site. These sites will save you time (and money), and you will learn the language almost perfectly. The advantage of these sites is that you organize your time by yourself, and you can learn as fast as you like. Through Google Search, you can find several sites that have already acquired a name in online language training. The lessons on these sites cover many areas of language, grammar, and vocabulary, and it is up to you to go through some interesting “games” in order to learn all the lessons.

There are much more options through you can learn the language, without going to classes and looking for a mentor. Whether it’s reading books, going to a trip or listening to others who speak English, it’s up to you to really make an effort, and then everything goes smoothly. Sometimes will is the most important condition for successful learning.